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A gay bear

08th July 2016
Often people look for a bear, when looking for a model to perform.  What is a bear?  Yes, they are the animals you find in Canada and Alaska, but it is also a gay slang term for a hairy, bigger built gay or bisexual man.  The bear represents being masculine, or macho, with lots of hair and being a big man.  Many of the Leonboy models are bears, so if you...
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Many users wonder, when they look at a users list of what he will perform, why is smoking an option?  Well, it's actually a fetish of many gay men, to watch another man smoking.  The technical term for this is capnolagnia.  It can be watching someone smoking cigarettes, cigars, pipes or even hookahs.  Watching someone smoking one of these can cause sexual...
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What is a transgender?

20th June 2016
Offline kenZaenZ - What is a transgender?
Transgender, these can also be known as, tranny, ts, tgirls, cross dresser, katoey, ladyboy, shemale, newhalf, tgirl, femboy, transsexual, transvestite, sissy, transwoman or even a trap! People who fall into any of the categories above are are people who have a gender identity, or, a gender expression, that differs from their sex at birth. There are...
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A lot of the gay live cam models will state there penis size in their biographies.  There are 4 different penis sizes, small, normal, big or huge.  Here is the length you should expect from each size.  Small - less than 12cm.  Normal - between 12-14cm.  Big - between14-16cm and huge is 16cm+.  How honest the models are when they put their penis sizes you...
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Close up

12th June 2016
A lot of the Leon boys will be live streaming from there private gay live cam rooms with HD and Ultra HD web cams.  Another piece of equipment they have is a remote control for this cam, so whilst they are performing, they can zoom in on any area you request.  That could be his penis during orgasm, his ass during anal masterbation.  When the model is...
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